Beth Heinly

Beth Heinly is a performance artist and sometimes curator who draws comics under the pseudonym 3:00. To view more of her work please go to

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Gallery of images from 2016 installation for “Beyond Cold Polished Stones” curated by Anthony Campuzano featuring artists born, raised and living in Lansdowne, PA at the 20*20 Arts House. Grasping at nostalgia the installation pulls ghost stories from local folklore and gothic literature.

Gallery of images from 2015 exhibit Reading Room at Vox Populi featuring artist books.
Artists in installation: Beth Heinly, Darby Photos & Peter Morgan.

Featured Authors: Annette Monnier, Beth Heinly, Brandon Joyce, Brian Droitcour, Bunny Rogers, Gabby Bess, Grace Miceli, Holly Childs, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jayson Musson, Jesse Darling, Julien Ceccaldi, Jessica Ciocci, Maren Karlson, Margaret V Haines, Peter Hurley, Noel Freibert, Steve Roggenbuck, Ward Zwart, Whit Taylor, Zoe Burnett

Gallery of images from 2014 exhibit Supernatural at Vox Populi featuring prop replicas from the television series Supernatural. (all artwork by Beth Heinly unless otherwise noted) Artists: Beth Heinly, Kelsey Morse-Brown, Oz DeShaw and Scott Wheelis.