jim strong


The Sick Engine  2016 *On view at Vox Populi until Feb 19th*
Wood, Aluminum, Motor, Acrylic Resin, Clay, Timer, Guitar Pick up,
Strings, Zither Pins, Speaker, Amplifier, LED, mp3 player
recording approx: 30 min


Performance Documentation: Fish Songs at Vox Populi 1/28/17

Instruments Grouped

Instruments for performance

fish songs (4)

Performance Documentation: Fish Songs at Vox Populi 1/28/17

Jim Strong, The Sallow Rakes (VT33)  Vitrine

Jim Strong‘s work explores a broad range of activity with a focus on experimental instrument building, painting, improvised performance, cross-disciplinary collaborations and curation. His Instruments are built intuitively utilizing Crank Mechanisms, Strings, Broken Electronics and pressurized air. His most recent work explores movement and improvisation through wearable instrumentation. He Plays solo and in variable group improvisations and works collaboratively in Dance, Video and Theater. His Video work has been shown internationally notably in RAUMERWEITERUNGSHALLE in Berlin, CPH:DOX (Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and Icebox Project space in Philadelphia. Strong is a founding member of the Impermanent society of Philadelphia and the Pfff! festival promoting the art form of free Improvisation in Movement and Dance. In addition, He Curates multimedia events under shifting monikers (GENTLE SHEERS, membrane channel etc.) spanning sound, poetry, screenings and dance in galleries, warehouses and basements in the Philadelphia area.

Across modes and media; Strong’s work finds its home in incongruence; between the comedic and the grotesque; the domestic and the extraterrestrial.

above photo documentation by Jason Rusnock, Ross Greibnow and Sarah K