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Maddie Hewitt
Still from “Chair Dance” performance. Image by Emily Bucholz.

Maddie Hewitt is an interdisciplinary artist working between practices such as performance, video, sculpture, curation, and sound. In her current practice, she confront issues surrounding emotional labor and body dysmorphia. Placing herself in relation to her environment, Maddie interacts with readymade objects, light and sound as a way to realize her body in physical space. Like a moving meditation, her performances consist of slow, repetitive sequences, and rhythmic gestures that are used as raw material to produce an electronic audio accompaniment. Her videos and sculptures are seen as evidence of bodily functions and actions that have already taken place. Maddie playfully calls attention to everyday situations with installations she makes to function as a stage for performance, site-specific interventions, and fabric she marks with body fluid. By concentrating on the literalness of these moments through sensory experience, they take on new affective meaning.