Maria Dumlao
still from video, Untitled (Rocky)

My work explores the negative space, the spaces in between the lines, the places in between, part of, or around the presented images, spaces, places and issues. I zoom into the periphery and center the margins. I trace the erased marks and record the hushed sounds. I dig for what falls into the cracks and scratch what’s been whited out. I rewind to what happens before and skip ahead to what happens after the frame. My studio practice involves investigative marveling and drawing “what if” scenarios. Much of it involves long hours pouring over films, videos, texts and other media from which I harvest images and material. I work in a variety of media, including photography, artists’ books, installation, performance, sound, and video. I use different media as a means to highlight interstitial moments, background sound, shadows, and overlooked details and bring marginalized content to the foreground.

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