Tina Plokarz
Saeculum_TP 2017
Installation view Saeculum, 2017, Vox Populi. Photo: Julia Staples.

Tina Plokarz is a curator and writer living and working in Philadelphia. She is interested in the intersection between visual and dramatic arts – particularly artistic practices that challenge the human understanding of identity, participation and perception in the context of historical and cultural realities.

She currently is Assistant Curator at Philadelphia Contemporary, a multi-disciplinary platform for visual and performance art. Her writing has appeared in magazines and exhibition catalogs such as “Hamish Fulton – Walking Transformation” (2014) or “Obsessionen und Surreale Welten” [Obsessions and Surreal Worlds] (2015). Before relocating to the US she previously worked on curatorial and research projects at a variety of international institutions in Germany, including KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Villa Merkel (Esslingen) and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin). She received a double major in Art History and Theater Studies from the Free University Berlin, Germany.

At Vox Populi, she curated “Saeculum: Theatrical Collectivity in Philadelphia, 1915-17” in January 2017, as part of the exhibition “New Members”. “Saeculum” is an archival exploration of Philadelphia’s Artists Masques – a series of citywide performances and masque balls in 1915, 1916 and 1917. In historic photographs, magazine articles, and newspaper clipping, the project describes the rise of a theatrical sensation and its unfortunate termination while tracing the involvement of women artists in a collective practice across institutions (read full descriptive brochure here).

At Philadelphia Contemporary, she co-curated the exhibition “Ana Vizcarra Rankin: time/scale” (2017) at the Brandywine River Museum of Art, and organized projects, such as “Jordan Griska – Wreck” (2016), “Emma Sulkowicz – The Healing Touch Integral Wellness Center” (2017), “Abbot Adam: Matins/Lauds” (2017), and “The Quiet Circus: River Charrettes” (2016-2017).