June 3, 2017
Surprise show
M Geddes Gengras & Hallowed Bells


Stars align for a surprise concert at Vox Populi this weekend.

Hey Philly Weekend Warriors and Synth fans, come out and cool off SATURDAY NIGHT, 6/03 for a pop up show with Los Angeles-based composer and performer M Geddes Gengras, who is fresh off an amazing Detroit show, plus local faves local Hallowed Bells!

M Geddes Gengras (Los Angeles) // Hallowed Bells (Philadelphia)

Doors at 8, Show at 9, 10$

Air Conditioning! Cold Drinks! Sine Waves!

M. Geddes Gengras

Born in 1982 & residing in Los Angeles since 2005, M. Geddes Gengras has spent the past 12 years building an expansive catalogue of electronic sound. Starting with 2008’s ‘The Y-^ Transform’ LP, the focus has has been on modular synthesizers, & the past 9 years have been spent honing an instrument and performance style that integrates aspects of ambient, experimental, & ‘new’ music. Gengras is an avid collaborator, having logged studio and stage time with acts as diverse as The Congos, Akron/Family, Sun Araw, & members of the Grateful Dead & Cold Sun. With previous releases on Leaving Records/Stones Throw (2014’s critically acclaimed ISHI), Umor Rex, Opal Tapes among many others, 2017 will see the release of LIGHTPIPE, a 2.5 hour opus of new pieces written for live performances indoors and out in Los Angeles from 2016.

Gengras’s sublime drones – layers and layers of modular synth – evoke the spectacle and tragic history of this native California’s wilderness.  But they also suggest the alien qualities of it’s opposite: urban environments on an unimagineable scale, vast cultivations of the earth, and the orchestra, that bittersweet symbol of Western society and civilisation.  All of this is smeared into a grand, intangible blur, slow motion before shellshocked eyes and ears, as if the past and future of the human race had to be expressed in the trance of a 35 minute long deathbed beatification.’




Hallowed Bells

Since Alison Stout and Darian Scatton formed Hallowed Bells in 2013, their affinity for lush electronics, 20th century Modernism and 80s synth pop in equal measure has led them to develop a uniquely heady sound that has garnered comparisons to Italian horror soundtrackers Goblin and 70s library music. Guided by an approach to synthesis as orchestration, they create immersive instrumental rhapsodies filled with otherworldly harmonies and unsettling beats, accompanied by video projections that overlay hundred-year-old films of acrobatic dancers with luscious fruits and the carefully choreographed movements of richly colored liquids.



June 3, 2017 SURPRISE SHOW: M Geddes Gengras & Hallowed Bells
June 3, 2017 8:00 pm
June 3, 2017 11:00 pm
Vox Blackbox
319 North 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA