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April 15, 2017 8PM
Jason Kahn, Ben Owen, Geoff Mullen, Al Jones and Reed Evan Rosen

Jason Kahn, Ben Owen, Geoff Mullen, Alan F Jones and Reed Evan Rosenberg
Doors: 8PM
Tickets: $10 (Sliding Scale)

Jason Kahn // voice
Jason Kahn’s performances explore the physical and spiritual limits of breath, stretching the voice to its breaking point. The disintegration of each vocal gesture leads to the next, creating a structure where what remains with each evacuating breath creates a context for the entire piece.Originally a drummer and electronic musician, Kahn turned to the voice to nd a more direct connection to himself and the audience. Without the bene t of having an instrument shielding him, Kahn contends with the vulnerability of laying himself bare to the listener. “As a listener, you feel your experience merging with his. Each long, drawn out line moves from intimate to disembodied, from the familiar to the alien and estranged. What you hear is a cycle of disintegration and renewal, both biological and spiritual, made manifest.” >Matt Wuetrich, The Wire>

Born 1960 in New York and growing up in Los Angeles, Jason Kahn moved to Europe in 1990. He currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

More information: http://jasonkahn.net/

Ben Owen//
Ben Owen works with sound using various approaches including improvisation, recording, listening, and composition. His instruments are simple electronics – played, mixed, re-patched in their own trajectory of small sound, broken and accidental. Over the past few years he has been interested in presenting works, performing and recording in outdoor spaces. His focus is in the sustained, immersive, minimal soundscapes that interact within a defined space as well as an outside environment.

Geoff Mullen//
Geoff Mullen is an artist & musician from Providence, Rhode Island. Recent projects have included site-specific installation, sculpture, photography & video, collage, workshops, and performance. Geoff has presented work throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe—in venues ranging from concert halls, clubs, museums, galleries, basements, schools, streets, and city gardens. His music has been released on most available audio media, and he is the founder of Rare Youth, an independent record label dedicated to the support of local (RI) underground music. Geoff completed his MFA at Bard College, and has taught at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.

Alan F Jones (Dallas, TX, 1971) is a San Diego-based audio engineer, composer, and musician. An undersea acoustician, he has spent collective years underwater analyzing, studying and monitoring the acoustic environment of the world’s oceans. Previous Philadelphia visits have included performances with Ethan Tripp, and as part of Steerage, with Barry Chabala. Al also runs the Marginal Frequency performance series and record label of the same name.

Reed Evan Rosenberg (New Jersey, 1986) works with sound, code, lighting and language, to create work that synthesizes his interests in noise, dynamical systems, science fiction, sublimated violence, puckishness and utopia-in-general.

Organized by Eric Laska

** This event is supported in part by The Swiss Arts Council**

Jason Kahn, Ben Owen, Geoff Mullen, Al Jones and Reed Evan Rosen
April 15, 2017 @ 8:00 pm
April 15, 2017 @ 11:00 pm
Vox Blackbox
319 North 11th Street
Philadelphia, PA United States