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Wednesday, May 2, 7PM
Liz Durette + Silent Meeting
Four Improvisations on Electric Piano

Vox Populi Gallery is pleased to present an evening of Silent Meditation/ Worship/ Contemplation and Exploratory Improvised Sound from Baltimore Electric Rhodes Piano Improviser, Liz Durette.

Beginning Shortly after 7:00 pm We will settle into between 25-30 minutes of Silence; which will be shared in a manner modeled on the Quaker tradition of a Silent Meeting for Worship in which there is no overarching method or context except to be present, to listen, and to hold a supportive focus which allows those around you to move deeper into their own experience in the moment, and vice versa, Like a circuit being connected in the space we are sharing.

One may feel incubating from this shared space, a message that seems to bubble up as if from nowhere. It may be intended for you alone, or the group; if so, you are welcome to share.

Then with senses heightened, we will hear a performance by Liz Durette, a Baltimore Musician and Artist who plays Improvised music on the Electric Rhodes Piano. Her recent album “Four Improvisations on Electric Piano” has seen her heralded as “the musician who today most embodies the bold possibility of the instrument” Using it as an instrument of healing.

This Event is Curated by Vox Populi Member Jim Strong who in addition to being a visual artist and improvising musician Organizes many Art, Sound and other hard to describe events in Philadelphia.

Liz Durette + Silent Meeting
May 2, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
May 2, 2018 @ 11:00 pm