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On identity, home, and diaspora: through the eyes of YallaPunk’s community
Curated by Rana Fayez
Friday, January 11 - Sunday, February 17

On identity, home, and diaspora: through the eyes of YallaPunk’s community
Curated by Rana Fayez
Friday, January 11, 2019 – Sunday, February 17, 2019

Curatorial Statement

Being a part of the diaspora is never quite feeling at home or maybe it’s constantly negotiating the concept of home. Whether it’s negotiating with yourself or the land in which you live, the process takes on an identity of its own thereby affecting you and your identity as a whole.

YallaPunk is redefining the Southwest Asian North African (SWANA) narrative by fighting back fetishization and tokenization that is so widespread in the art world. In this exhibit, you will not see what the world expects of the SWANA diaspora to present. You will not see what was expected of us in our artist statements. You will not see what is expected of us in our artist biographies or our influences as tastemakers and artists. What inspires us is beyond our ancestors wildest dreams, no matter where they hail from (or we think they hail from).

In this exhibit, you’ll see punk rock iconograpy-inspired work which hails from printmaking and tattoo artistry. This work is easy to reproduce, it carries a message in a language that is accessible yet powerful. In this exhibit, you will also find paintings and sculptures that tackle conversations about identity and the transformation between assimilation and isolation. In this exhibit, you will find photography that chronicles our journeys to healing.

These are our narratives. As told by us. About us. This is for us.

Artist List

About the Curator

Rana Fayez is the founder and director at YallaPunk, an organization that is redefining the narrative for SWANA individuals through accountable arts programming. Fayez grew up around SWANA art at a very young age. She previously served as the elected Vice President of the Upstate Artists Guild in upstate NY, curating monthly exhibits in a DIY collaborative space, in addition to curating monthly music exhibits in Virginia’s punk scene as a teenager through her early twenties.

YallaPunk was created as a direct response to negative depictions of Southwest Asian North African populations. Producing an annual festival and many programs throughout the year, YallaPunk events are meant to celebrate the creative accomplishments of SWANA individuals and serve as a safe, intersectional and inclusive space free from sexism, islamophobia, transphobia, homophobia, and bigotry for discourse on social issues. As a community, we will celebarate who we are through music, art, film, poetry, and comedy.

For more information: yallapunk.com

Image: Sera Boeno