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Will Haughery
Move in Silence
September 4-27, 2015
Will Haughery - Move in Silence

It’s the disgust
of a furrowed brow
in between sight and speech,
complacent still,
Its weight grows.

A knotted lower back,
with incomprehensible avoidance,
breathes heavy with domination,
its voice thrown from above, in arrogance.

The anger and fear,
with head shaved bald,
the arm broken by law,
that sweat that tickles the tip of the nose,
the reflection will burn.



Will Haughery creates multi-disciplinary works referencing film stage production, architecture and gender/sexuality theory in an ever expanding practice that employs video, sculpture, photographic process and painting. His work has been exhibited nationally at Ashes/Ashes, LA, Openspace, Baltimore, Fjord, and ICA, Philadelphia and internationally at Artspace, Peterbough and L’Hybride, France among others. His work has been discussed in Hyperallergic, ArtFCity, TheArtBlog and Emergency Index. He holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art at Temple University.