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Kris Rumman

I see my practice as a tool to investigate the possibilities of what art can do that politics cannot. If politics are an arrow that directs the mind to a specific goal, can art be an expanding force that augments our perception of the world around us? I am interested in the potential of creating space for healing, dialogue, and empathy. – Kris Rumman

Kris Rumman is an interdisciplinary artist whose work contends with the myths and realities of identity through the interrogation of learned and historical knowledge. Growing up in the Midwest with familial roots in the Middle East, she questions the construction of a personal perspective; or the framework by which one judges and evaluates others, cultures and political action.

Through her work, Rumman asks how these systems are informed and shaped by society, what guides one’s personal lens, and how are these embodied by the individual. She works with technologies that are familiar forms for producing propaganda globally, ranging from security glass and empathy inducing lighting to self-help audio tapes, olfactory praxis, and social platforms. Through these media, Rumman attempts to subvert and intervene into everyday social constructions as a means to question and recode them.

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with a permanent work in the City of Toledo’s Art in Public Places Collection. Rumman has received honors including the Laurie Wegmen Prize in Glass, a top prize at the International Glass Art Society Conference and is a recipient of the 2018 Tyler School of Art Dean’s Grant. As a core member of the collaborative group, Strategic Communications, most recently, they have been a recipient of The Velocity Fund Grant administered by Temple Contemporary with generous funding from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Kristine Rumman is presently based in Philadelphia where she is an Instructor at Tyler School of Art and a new member at Vox Populi.