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Maddie Hewitt
“Resting Fortune,” 3-Layer Video with Sound, 5 minutes, 2019.

Maddie Hewitt is an interdisciplinary artist working between practices such as performance, video, sculpture, curation, and sound. In her current practice, she researches water quality issues and ways in which humans can minimize the effects of anthropogenic hazard. Maddie’s application of everyday iterative growth and decay assigns new value to what is typically considered waste, and demonstrates that natural human processes can actually help minimize the effects of anthropogenic hazards. Incorporating aspects from autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) trigger videos, as seen on YouTube, the sound, rhythm, repetition, and intimacy of her movements are intended to have a meditative physical response in listening viewers. Her work also alludes to the traditional association of women with cleaning, hair as an adornment, and care-taking of the body and of our living spaces.