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Saturday, November 16th, 2019 | Doors At: 7:30pm | $8-$10 Sliding Scale
Austerity Program, Reg Bloor, George Korein and the Spleen
Trilobites at the Tricentennial Release Show

Austerity Program, Reg Bloor, George Korein and the Spleen
Saturday, November 16th, 2019 | $8-$10 Sliding Scale
Doors At: 7:30pm
Show: 8pm


PRESENTED BY: George Korein

The Austerity Program’s new album “Bible Songs 1” relates a harrowing selection of atrocities from the Old Testament via appropriately harrowing music. Written after slogging through the Bible cover to cover, it brings the nightmares to life with “All of the wrath of god, none of the salvation.”

Reg Bloor, concertmaster of the Glenn Branca Ensemble, plays her scalding, horror-flick-inspired guitar pieces and headbangs. The NYC-based Experimental Avant-Rock guitarist released her second solo album “Sensory Irritation Chamber” on May 18, 2018 on Glenn Branca’s SYSTEMS NEUTRALIZERS label, where she delves deeper into her frenetic, atonal, dissonant, angular screechscape.

George Korein and the Spleen debut the new album “Trilobites at the Tricentennial”, side A of a two-part epic collection of sundry songs about pineapple boots and spackle marauders. With respect to his 2005 album “Memoirs of a Trilobite”, this is part two of a TRILOgy.


The Austerity Program is two people from NYC and their drum machine. Thad Calabrese plays bass and Justin Foley sings and plays guitar. They built their studio in Queens and have made several punishing albums in it that have been released by Hydra Head and Controlled Burn Records.

Concertmaster of the Glenn Branca Ensemble and founder of The Paranoid Critical Revolution, Reg Bloor began performing solo in 2014 and was named by Brad Cohan of the New York Observer one of the 15 Best Metal Bands in NYC. She sometimes plays duos with free jazz drummer Marc Edwards.

2019 is the year of the Spleen: this is Korein’s third album release this year as he cleans house for decade’s end. FWIW, Korein was half of the theatrical noise duo Infidel?/Castro! with Colin Marston. The live Spleen features Eli Litwin (John Frum), Alex Kulick (Horrendous) and Eliot Klein (MC Tonguedancer).

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Austerity Program, Reg Bloor, George Korein and the Spleen
November 16, 2019 @ 7:30 pm
November 16, 2019 @ 11:00 pm