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Sunday, December, 4th 2016 7:00pm
Marcia Custer (OH) . Postive Movement Drill Team . Ben Bennett and MichaelFoster (NY) + DJ Asteria
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12/4: Marcia Custer (OH) . Postive Movement Drill Team . Ben Bennett and MichaelFoster (NY) + DJ Asteria

:::Gentle Sheers and Vox Populi Present:::

Sunday December 4th 2016
doors 7pm music by 8pm
$7-10 sliding scale

Marcia Custer (Cleveland, OH)
Ben Bennett and Micheal Foster Duo (PHL/NYC)
Positive Movement Drill Team (PHL)

Marcia Custer (Cleveland, OH)
Informed by her research in collective healing practices, performance artist Marcia Custer (Cleveland, OH) creates physical and auditory landscapes that enable audience/participants to share fears, laugh, cry, scream, and simply be together. Her performances build from nothing; improvised vocal looping and movement are generated in the present moment. She creates and revels within worlds of psychic chaos and physical comedy that are at once sweet and whimsical, perverse and grotesque. Her current experiments explore issues of autonomy, personhood, alien abduction, slumber parties, and the Kübler-Ross model of grieving. She is currently training at Headlong Performance Institute.

Positive Movement Drill Team (PHL)
The Positive Movement Entertainment and Drill Team, founded by Philadelphia resident Anitra Payne to help youth in violent communities to focus their energies on artistic endeavors such as storytelling and learning to play drums. Positive Movement’s motto is “Drop the guns. Pick up the drums.” – spiritnews Philadelphia

Ben Bennett and Michael Foster Duo (PHL/NYC)

| Michael Foster: saxophones|objects |
| Ben Bennett: drums|percussion|membranes |

Ben and Michael began playing together with drummer David Grollman in the trio BDM, which toured the US in the summer of 2014, delivering outlandish improvised performances that toed the line between music and performance art. Their duo project resulted from finding a strong musical affinity, and a shared desire to push the sonic boundaries of the drums/sax duo over the edge. The two have extended their instruments’ vocabulary to the point of overlapping with each other (Michael turning the saxophone into a percussion instrument, and Ben blowing on membranes like reeds). A wide-ranging sonic palette, extreme shifts in dynamics and mood, and a commitment to presence and vulnerability come together in the duo’s unpredictable interactions to create music that is unique to each performance.

Gentle Sheers is a wandering series curated by visual/sound artist and Vox Populi Member, Jim Strong. It aims to promote a culture of curiosity and pleasure across the arts and non-arts – weaving “incongruous” media and aesthetics. Past events have included Poetry Readings, Magic Shows, Feasts, Screenings, Performance Art, Dance, Early Music, Noise, Improvisation, Pop music and Plays. Past series titles have included: Grownewbuddhismine-seminar, american shrimp girl, membrane channel etc.

Marcia Custer (OH) . Postive Movement Drill Team . Ben Bennett and MichaelFoster (NY) + DJ Asteria
December 4, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
$7 – $10
Jim Strong
Vox Populi
319 N 11th Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States