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Saturday, November 7th
4 short films by Joshua Reiman
Presented by NAPOLEON


On Saturday November 7th, 2015
NAPOLEON presents:
4 short films by Joshua Reiman
Suggested donation of $7

Joshua Reiman’s films deal with themes of exploration, artistic expression, and contextual inquiries with visual pop. This collection of short films offers an array of lush landscapes with characters that guide audiences through layered conceptual ideas about art, history, and popular culture. The showing will conclude with a question and answer segment with the filmmaker at the end of the film program. Please join us!

Joshua Reiman is an artist working in sculpture, film, video and photography. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States, in Germany and in Estonia. He is currently a visiting professor of art at Carnegie Mellon University where he teaches sculpture. Josh has an MFA in sculpture from Syracuse University and a BFA in sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute. Recent exhibitions include Villa Eugenie in Bad Schwalbach Germany, Hallwalls and The Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. Upcoming exhibitions include The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education in Philadelphia, PA, SPACE gallery in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Nassauischer Kunstverein in Wiesbaden Germany in the spring of 2016. Reiman is also a contributing writer for Sculpture magazine and has recently been named an assistant professor of art at The Maine College of Art where he will teach in the MFA program and in sculpture. Joshua Reiman and his wife Addy currently live in an 1880’s stone row house in Pittsburgh, PA with their dog Otto R. Mutt.

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Films included in the program are:

Vanished Into Plein Air, 2015 – 9 minutes
Vanished Into Plein Air offers up a romantic view of a marinescape painter who ventures outside to make a painting by the ocean, and realizes the nature is just not good enough without people to inhabit his canvases. Shot in Prout’s Neck Maine and inspired by Winslow Homer’s last painting Driftwood, the film offers us a glimpse into an artistic process, where ones emotions meet pigment and oil beside the ocean and rocky shore. 3-Channel Super 8 to HD video & HD Super 16mm video, voiceover by Lowry Burgess.

The People, 2009 – 11 minutes
The People is inspired by Native American stereotypes and racist depiction embodied in some contemporary sports mascots. The film portrays a man who has a bad daydream and ends up in an alternate space where he is tormented by pressures of negative symbolism, only to eventually be awakened by a coyote.
Single Channel Super 8 film to SD video, soundtrack by Keril Makan.

A Brief Inquiry, 2010 – 12 minutes
A Brief Inquiry is a film about the sublime and its use in our everyday vernacular. Since the world has already been discovered, an explorer goes off to find the only thing that is left, an emotion called “the sublime”. The film’s voiceover is rich in theory and hysterical commentary describing the overuse and misunderstanding of the word “sublime” while visually driven by an ongoing quest for an overwhelming natural experience. 4-Channel Super 8 film to HD video, with voiceover.

Panoramique de l’immatériel, 2015 – 23 minutes
Panoramique de l’immatériel follows a man who is panning for gold along the Seine River in France, from Paris to the sea. He is looking to find the gold that the artist Yves Klein dumped into the Seine in Paris during on of the most seminal conceptual artworks in contemporary art history, Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility. This film explores conceptual art, geology, and the riparian zone, where the river meets the land along The Seine all on equal terms by changing scales and relationships between art and landscape. Single Channel HD Super 16mm video, in French with English subtitles. This project was generously supported in part by funding from the Carnegie Mellon University Frank-Ratchye Fund For Art @ the Frontier.

NAPOLEON presents: 4 short films by Joshua Reiman
November 7, 2015 @ 7:00 pm
November 7, 2015 @ 8:30 pm
319 N 11th Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States