Due Feb 18th
Calls for Piper Players and Piper Balls
Disco Basketball in Three Parts curated by Masina Frank

Propose a DISCO BASKETBALL. How might you engineer a ball that may be used in a game of disco basketball? This ball must bounce, it must have some grip, it must not exceed 17 inches in diameter, or weigh over 1.5 lbs. It must hold or reflect light like a mirror ball. DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL 2/18. Accepted proposals will be notified of their inclusion in the show by 2/20. Balls must be delivered to the gallery by 3/10/23.

PIPER BALL: BEST IN SHOW selection and auction will be held in the Vox Populi gallery on 3/11/2023. Ball submissions will be available for attendees to bid on, if your ball receives a bid you will be paid in full for the highest bid. If you would prefer your Piper Ball be returned to you following the show or Piper Ball Tournament should it be selected for the game, PLEASE NOTE.


Submit a PIPER PLAYER FIT proposal. Where does the crossover between disco and basketball attire strike you? How do you envision yourself dancing across a basketball court? Which textiles make you feel light, sexy and full of lasers? Propose the athleisurewear that would give flight to your travel at the disco and burnin heat to your dance across the court. DEADLINE TO APPLY 2/18. Players will be notified of their inclusion in the show at Vox Populi gallery by 2/20.

PIPER PLAYER FASHION SHOW & TEAM CAST at Vox Populi. Once you’ve submit your proposal, your fit must be ready to walk the runway on 3/11/23. Walk and be cast to play in the PIPER BALL TOURNAMENT. There will be four teams that each player will be cast to at the Piper Player fashion show by our three referees. The four teams are EARTH, WIND, FIRE & WATER. The tournament will consist of three games. Earth vs. Wind, Fire vs. Water and finally a game between the two winning teams from the first rounds. There will be a tournament DJ and documentation for all three games.


$10 to apply
Venmo : @masina_frank
Cashapp : $masinafrank

*If you are not able to afford the application fee, please reach out to me via email:
All funds go towards paying those working the show, production costs and promoting your work, but would much rather have artists participate than not due to financial burden!

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