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Melissa Langer
Melissa Langer

Melissa Langer is a filmmaker, Director of Photography, and artist living in Philadelphia who works primarily in non-fiction and experimental film. She is drawn to topics which are simultaneously mysterious and mundane, and which examine some of the more bizarre, contradictory aspects of our human nature. Her films engage on the sensory level, and consistently experiment with linear narrative forms, asking viewers to participate in making meaning from a puzzle-like approach to structure. She also collects and edits abandoned/discarded audio and video footage.

She is a Cinema Eye Honors Nominee in Nonfiction Short Filmmaking and her films have premiered and won awards at festivals internationally, including Telluride Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival (New Visions Award) DOCUMENTAMADRID, IDFA (Best Student Doc), ZagrebDox (Movies that Matter Award), and MoMA’s Doc Fortnight. Melissa is a member of SAL Film Group, a small group of filmmakers who contribute time and resources to fellow makers in early stages of development and ideation. She holds an MFA in Documentary Film & Video from Stanford University and a BA in History from Carleton College.