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Possible Press Reading Room with Floating Library & Murmur
Alternative Currencies
October 2nd - November 1st, 2015


Possible Press presented a reading room of artist-made printed matter, with focused selections by the Floating Library (Minneapolis) and Murmur (Atlanta). Possible Press released their newest issue at the time, a Possible Press | Edition with artists Natalie Beall & Catherine Czacki, with copies available for all. Possible Press presented a selection of back issues as well.

Possible Press is a curated periodical of artists’ writings. Begun in 2010, Possible Press has worked with over 110 international artists and artist groups with practices of serious contemporary international scope and dialogue. Possible Press’ mission provides visual artists a voice through written form, and, in turn, allows readers to glean information not normally evident from solely looking at artists’ work. In 2015 they began producing Possible Press | Editions, focused print projects with form and content dictated through selective collaboration. For Alternative Currencies, Possible Press presents a new edition with artists Natalie Beall & Catherine Czacki, as well as a curated reading room in Vox Populi Gallery.

The Floating Library is an experimental public art project by Sarah Peters that introduces the creative genre of artists’ books and printed matter to people recreating on an urban lake. A custom made raft designed by architect Molly Reichert features bookshelves built to hold printed matter for perusal and check out on the water. Patrons in canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, skiffs, rowboats, or even inner tubes are invited to paddle up to the Library and browse the shelves from inside their watercraft. Protective covers on the shelves do their best to keep materials dry. The library has both circulating and reference collections of artists’ books contributed by artists nationwide. A staff of friendly floating librarians facilitate the check out process and make reading suggestions. Dispensing paper goods on a lake may seem like a juxtaposition of two things that don’t go well together (books + water). This project draws on the common past time of beach reading and the inventive thinking of artists working with the form of the book to provide context-appropriate and uncommon reading material to people who are already gathered on the water.

Murmur is a unique community resource. Our programming offers accessible, invaluable insight into DIY culture. We are an organization that provides spaces, tools, and educational resources with the specific intention of facilitating each individual’s involvement in DIY media. Our vision is to make this as expansive and affordable as possible. Our success can be defined by the scope of our community outreach as we strive to include underserved and untapped groups. Examples of our past and future programming include workshops with elementary school children, partnering with a high school or college for internship credit, joining a homeless youth organization’s efforts, hosting queer and anti-homophobic events, and supporting experimental independent film.

The structures and stools that support the materials of the Reading Room were produced and fabricated by Jay Hardman. He is a former Vox Populi artist and is a Philadelphia based designer specializing in interior architecture and product design. His work has been exhibited throughout the US as well as locally at Space 1026, Little Berlin and Fleisher/Ollman. Aside from his individual studio practice he is also a member of The Design Futures Lab, a trans-disciplinary research group housed in Drexel University working with emerging science and technology towards their near-future design applications.


During October, Vox Populi was pleased to host four alternative arts organizations: Threewalls (Chicago), Possible Press (Atlanta), The Luminary (St. Louis), and KCHUNG (Los Angeles). Vox Populi dedicated its entire exhibition space to the work of these four organizations in October as part of the Philadelphia-wide project Alternative Currencies, which gathered independent contemporary arts groups from around the country to share their innovative modes of working. Across the city, Grizzly Grizzly presented INCA (Detroit/Seattle), Mount Airy Contemporary presented The Suburban (Oak Park/Milwaukee), Rebekah Templeton presented PLUG Projects (Kansas City), and Traction Company presented Galería Perdida (Brooklyn/Chilchota, Mexico).

Alternative Currencies was conceived by Grizzly Grizzly Gallery in partnership with The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design for the exhibition Strange Currencies: Art & Action in Mexico City, 1990-2000, previously on view at The Galleries September 19 – December 12, 2015 and was presented in collaboration with Vox Populi, Mount Airy Contemporary, Rebekah Templeton, Traction Company.

Major support for Strange Currencies: Art & Action in Mexico City, 1990-2000 at the Galleries at Moore has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

Major support for Alternative Currencies was provided by Grizzly Grizzly Gallery, Mount Airy Contemporary, Rebekah Templeton, Traction Company, Vox Populi, INCA, KCHUNG, Threewalls, The Luminary, Possible Press, The Suburban, Plug Projects, Galería Perdida – via their organizational members and generous supporters.