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AMN (American Medium Network) featuring Sad Girls Club & CLUMP TV
Colin Self, Mia Ardito & Mairé Witt O'Neil
November 4 - December 18, 2016
Colin Self for ClumpTV, 2014
Colin Self for ClumpTV, 2014

For the duration of Vox Populi’s November/December exhibits the Blackbox space will be offering selected screenings from AMN (American Medium Network). The two shows we will be highlighting are Sad Girls Club & CLUMP TV. In total AMN hosts four shows shared online on a semi-regular basis; ClumpTV, Sad Girls Club, I, Decay & KK/OK. You can view them all at americanmedium.tv.

AMN (American Medium Network) is an online viewing platform hosting original episodes and video content by artists using television and webtv as a guide for art making. AMN is inspired by the adaptations that traditional television and entertainment networks have made in light of new modes of access and changing technologies used to consume. AMN will continue to adapt to provide a media platform suited to host inspiring, entertaining, educational, and freaky content.

Viewer discretion advised, some content not suitable for children.


Viewing Schedule:

November 4th – 27th, 2016 : Sad Girls Club TV: Mia Ardito and Mairé Witt O’Neil

A satire of popular network shows, SGCtv bends gender and subverts the genre to explore the cultural demonization and celebration of women presented as behaving real “badly” on reality TV.  In previous seasons, SGCtv episodes have lived as the left over internet ephemera of an imaginary reality television show. This season the Sad Girls are transplanted from the safety of their private world in the “Sad Girls’ House,” Maryland and Brooklyn respectively, to the public and real world of Rockville Centre, LI—a hotel, a local nightclub, a 7Eleven, Jones Beach. SGCtv 4 delves deeper into the layers of reality and exposes captured elements of the improvisational process of the artists and the simultaneous roles they play – director, performer, character, person. Rich with the language of capitalism and unauthorized branded content, the visual nature of SGCtv is just as layered as the narrative. The show is both an addictive reality TV series and a documentary of itself. This constructed reality butts up against the real issues of on-location filming thus composing the narrative arc of the 6 new half-hour episodes.

Binge watch at sadgirlsclubtv.com


November 30th – December 18th, 2016 : CLUMP TV: Colin Self

Since it’s initiation, CLUMP has been a platform for building and supporting queer community in Brooklyn, and eventually, the greater New York area for hundreds of participants. In 2011, CLUMP expanded to include ClumpTV, a bi-annual television show based on the format of public access.

Created to expand upon foundations of queer and feminist video content like LTTR (print) and PILOT TV (video) , ClumpTV (web) digs into the sediment of queer pasts and present to hybridize discourses between visual artists, performers, and a team of videographers. Hosted by performer and artist Colin Self in front of a live studio audience, ClumpTV will manifest as a trans-disciplinary art and talk show in which performances and interviews come into critical discourse with video artists, musicians, stylists, writers, and dancers. ClumpTV celebrates the amalgamation of disciplines of the Clump trans-global community and employs the hybridization of communities to form new media.

A primary goal of ClumpTV is to instigate a new chronicle in art-community focus and documentation. ClumpTV will be a device in connecting thousands of people of varying lifestyles to new evolutions and art movements, as well as alternative paradigms for educational, spiritual, and creative processes. In addition to being an archival project, ClumpTV will serve as an entry-point for the global creative community to enter into the queer space and provide diverse artists with access to mainstream networks.

Read more about ClumpTV at colin-self.com/clump-clumptv.