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Frederic Moffet
Jean Genet in Chicago (excerpt) - 2006, The Faithful - 2012, POSTFACE -2011
May 2nd - May 31st 2014

From Frederic about The Faithful:

Six filmed portraits of men of different age, race, body type and style shot at Touché, Chicago’s oldest leather bar established in 1977 (the project was originally conceived and presented as a two-channel installation of eleven filmed portrait). The Faithful aims for a conflicting sense of loss, nostalgia and resilience. Black and White 16mm film is on the fast track toward extinction while gay bars have taken a hard hit from the proliferation of Internet hook-up websites but regardless of their digital competition, neither has conceded defeat. Bars are still the main locus of the gay community while the materiality and texture of 16mm will always have a strong hold on artists and experimental filmmakers. And above all, men will always cruise other men, regardless of risks, prejudices and oppression.

Frédéric Moffet is a media artist, educator, video editor, cultural worker and cat lover. He divides his time between Montreal and Chicago. His work explores the slippery territory between history, lived experience and fantasy. Screenings include: National Center for Contemporary Arts (Moscow), Oberhausen Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Whitechapel Art Gallery (London), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), The New Museum (New York), Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), PPOW Gallery (New York), Biennial of Moving Images (Geneva), Eyebeam (New York), Ann Arbor Film Festival, Festival, Pleasure Dome (Toronto), Other Cinema (San Francisco), Kassel Documentary Film Festival, Seoul New Media Festival.