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Gabriel Boyce
Was vom Tage übrig blieb
December 6 - 29, 2013

Was vom Tage übrig blieb is a conceptual analysis of the bedroom. Seemingly apparent in context, but lacking in narrative attempts the spatial bounds of esotericism. Was vom Tage übrig blieb suggests an artist as identity where the ego becomes aesthetized within the idea of parallelism through the art object. Gabriel Boyce, not quite in the winter of his artistic career, invites the viewer to embrace the act of reflection – the moment prior to the first stage of sleep intersecting the transition period between day and night. The installation through imbricating color and atmosphere mimic these vibrations of the sleep state. Both the title of the exhibit and objects are versed in German text in reference to the dominance of the English language within the Art World as a whole and the implications of globality. The overarching argument is a language that denotes place void of understanding, transversing from the viewers proto-language, which essentially abstracts the lexicon and thus your experience of the installation where the intent of art form and language coalesce.