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Rachel Granofsky
phantom limbs
May 2nd - May 31st 2014

Each picture represents a psychological impression; a projection of my interiority onto the outside world. I reshape ordinary objects and their surrounding environments for the strict point of view of my camera’s lens. Using motifs of trompe l’oeil painting and scenic design: foreground, middle ground and background dissolve to transform structure into liminal space. The bedside exposes a ghost image of a painted sunset; two spotlights project beams of white construction paper in the studio corner. The tactile seams of construction slowly reveal themselves through the detailed focus of the camera lens. Such imperfect slippages interrupt the standard automatisms of perception prompting questions concerning the difference between how things are known and how things are perceived.

Rachel Granofsky (b. 1980, Montreal, Canada) graduated from California College of the Arts, San Francisco, with an MFA in 2013. She earned her BFA in Photography from Pratt Institute,New York in 2003. She has exhibited in numerous group shows in South Africa, Germany, Canada, the U.S.A. and Brazil, and has been awarded artist residencies at Greatmore Studios, South Africa (2011), CELLspace, San Francisco (2010) and James Baird, Newfoundland (2009). From 2000-2008 she helped run the collective (Roy Street) in Montreal, an interdisciplinary performing arts venue and exhibition space. Her series of portraits of prominent and underground citizens of Montreal ran for over 5 years in that city’s alternative weekly, the Mirror. Currently based in San Francisco, her latest body of work is focused on motifs of trompe l’eoil painting in combination with sculptural interventions, arranged for the precise point of view of the camera’s lens, to re-present structure as liminal space.