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The Front
Union, Justice, Confidence
June 7 - 30, 2013

Union, Justice, Confidence is an exchange exhibition with The Front, New Orleans. Founded by artists in 2008 amid the post-Katrina resurgence of New Orleans, The Front is committed to a spirit of grassroots DIY determinism and innovative, diverse programming. The Front is an artist-run collective and not-for-profit gallery.

This exhibition is part two of an exchange between The Front and Vox Populi. Vox Populi members are showing their work at The Front in New Orleans, through May 26.

Union, Justice, Confidence is a unified cacophony of debatably just and declaratively confident works by members of The Front. The Front fosters the development of contemporary art in the city of New Orleans through innovative exhibitions, lectures, screenings, performances, and other arts programming, all of which are free and open to the public. The Front cultivates new and experimental work, in particular from emerging artists, but also from nationally and internationally known artists.

Angela Berry
Kyle Bravo
Lee Deigaard
Andrea Ferguson
Dave Greber
Kyle Hossli
Rachel Jones Deris
Morgana King
Stephanie Patton
Brooke Pickett
Alex Podesta
Claire Rau
Megan Roniger
Jonathan Traviesa