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March 1 - 31, 2013
Erica Prince – Ryan Foley

The group exhibition Collection brings together more than 60 works of art owned, loved, and hung in the homes of Vox Populi members and board members. Organized by new Vox Populi member Beth Heinly and Executive Director Andrew Suggs with assistance from Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Collection expresses the intimate nature of an artist’s private collection, exploring the personal stories associated with living alongside works of art and the choices involved in collecting.

As is the case with all collections, the works of art hung in artist’s homes hold intense emotional value. This show features a self-portrait in oils and a bronze sculpture by two beloved relatives, cherished as creative role models; a madcap installation by a close friend and fellow Tyler School of Art MFA graduate Ryan Foley; a richly colored painting by Joy Feasley bartered for dog sitting duties; and collage and photography by Felipe Jesus Consalvos and Matt Giel purchased after curating artists’ work and finding a connection.

Collectively, the exhibited works act as an extension of the Vox Populi community, to include artists living and historical, local and from far afield. Chairs, couches, coffee tables, rugs, plants, and mirrors from members’ homes lend the galleries a familiar feel. There will be the opportunity to listen to members speak about their selected works via a cellphone tour, and read and respond to messages about what each painting, drawing, photograph, sculpture, and installation means to its caretaker.

Amy Adams (Portland, OR), Corey Antis (Kansas City), Sidney Apt (Philadelphia), Loo Bain (Philadelphia), Marina Borker (Philadelphia), Katherine Bradford (New York), Megan Lark Buckingham (Oakland, CA), Bruce Campbell (Brooklyn), James Castle (Idaho), Heather Cleary (Los Angeles), Felipe Jesus Consalvos (Miami, New York, and Philadelphia), Kulvinder Kaur Dhew (Layton, NJ), Billy Blaise Dufala (Philadelphia), Amze Emmons (Philadelphia), Emlen Etting (Philadelphia), Sam Faix (Abu Dhabi), Joy Feasley (Philadelphia), Matthew Fisher (Brooklyn), Ryan Foley (Philadelphia), Gerik Forston and Annette Monnier (Philadelphia), Michael Gerkovich (Philadelphia), Matt Giel (Philadelphia), Lee Godie (Chicago), Emmet Gowin (Newtown, PA), Gregory Halpern (Rochester, NY), John Jodzio (Shaker Heights, OH), Jeremiah Johnson (Williamsport, PA), Chris Kasper (New York), Steve Keene (Brooklyn), Bradley LaMere (Wilmington, DE), Andrew Leach (Ithaca, NY), Jocelyn Lee (Brooklyn), Jennifer Levonian (Philadelphia), Tristin Lowe (Philadelphia), Jennifer MacDonald (Brooklyn), Andrea Marquis (Philadelphia), Rob Matthews (Philadelphia), Sarah McEneaney (Philadelphia), Mr. Imagination (Chicago), Nicholas Muellner (Ithaca, NY), Anna Neighbor (Philadelphia), Dona Nelson (Lansdale, PA), Naftal Nyoma (Namibia), Thomas Ockerse (Providence, RI), Josh Rickards (Los Angeles), Mia Rosenthal (Philadelphia), Xavier Schipani (Baltimore), Heidi Schlatter (New York), Nathan Paul Smith (Philadelphia), Hy Snell (Cleveland, OH), Clint Takeda (Philadelphia), John Thompson (Bucks County, PA), Fred Tomaselli (Brooklyn), P.M. Wentworth (San Francisco), Justin Witte (Chicago), Krzysztof Zarebski (New York)

Speakers: Jacque Liu, Libby Rosof, Anne Schaefer, John Ollman, and Debra Ward

Enjoy a potluck dinner, watch movies, and trade your art work with other artists

#VOXCOLLECTION TWITTER DISCUSSION: Wednesday, March 13, 8 – 10pm
Chat with us on Twitter about your collection, collections you love, and issues around collecting

[Image: Ryan Foley, collection of Erica Prince]