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Our Black Box Space Can Host Your Next Anything!

Consider Vox Populi for: Community Meetings, Political Canvassing Launches, Workshops, Small Conferences, Lectures, Board Meetings, Graduation Parties, Birthday Parties, Commitment Ceremonies, Small Weddings, Event Receptions, Celebrations, Band performances, Dance Parties, Cabarets, Burlesque Shows, Drag Shows, Plays, Competitions, Fundraisers, Band Practice, Photoshoots, Video Recording, Book Signings, Pop-up Shops, Community Services Meet-ups.

Vox Populi offers low-cost rentals of our Black Box performance space (equipped with a PA, mixer, projector and various A/V equipment) for one-night or short-term events organized by non-affiliated organizations. Renters keep all ticket proceeds for public events!For Rental Inquiries, please reach out to!


What if I need additional equipment? Email and ask! We might have it. Also check out our friends at Television. Television provides low cost technology rentals to independent curators, activists and organizers in Philadelphia.

What is your capacity? For seated events, the capacity of our Black Box space is around 60-70. For standing events, the capacity of our Black Box space is around 90-100.



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