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Mike and Linda Aubry Bullock
April 3 - 26 2015

Lagan [2015] by rise set twilight (Linda Aubry Bullock and Mike Bullock)

To cap our run as guest curators of Vox Populi’s Fourth Wall space, we present Lagan, an installation work combining resonant porcelain sound tubes, video, and lighting.

Lagan is a nautical term for cargo thrown from a ship and marked with a buoy, which rests on the sea floor waiting to be reclaimed. Even memories can be purposely submerged, their location saved, to be salvaged later. In the intervening period (has it been months? years? a lifetime?) they have been transformed, just as jettisoned cargo has attracted corals, lush seaweed, and colorful fish.

In creating Lagan, we find ourselves returning to deeply-rooted techniques and images of distant friends and places left behind, viewing and hearing them as they are in the process of submerging, transforming, and surfacing again with new layers of meaning and beauty.

Mike Bullock

I am a composer, electroacoustic musician, and media artist based in Philadelphia, PA. My work has been presented across the US and in Europe, solo and in collaboration with a huge range of artists including Bertrand Gauguet, Andy Guhl, Mazen Kerbaj, Pauline Oliveros, Bhob Rainey, Steve Roden, Keith Rowe, and Christian Wolff.

I hold a PhD from the Arts Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, and has taught and lectured in the US and Europe on field recording and improvisation. Collaborating with Linda Aubry Bullock, we perform together as rise set twilight and co-run the art-edition label Shadowselves.

Linda Aubry Bullock

In 2013 I founded Aubry Arts, creating handmade porcelain tableware, decorative accessories, and experimental works combining porcelain with other medium. I also create stop motion animation, video collages, and sound art as Orangecookie Image and Sound. My multimedia work combines rapidly-moving packets of visual information with sound from modular synthesizers, electronics, piano, harp, field recordings, and voice.

I’m half of the multimedia duo rise set twilight, with Mike Bullock; and provide vocals, electronics and guitar in the experimental psych drone band Twilight of the Century.

As part of the VJ duo Twin Stars, also with Mike Bullock, we perform live video. Our contrasting styles offset each other while emphasizing a common interest in intense, nuanced color and the borders between abstract and concrete imagery.

My other visual projects include dioramas, painting, and installations.

I studied music composition at Berklee College of Music (MA) and Bennington College (MFA).