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October 15, 2015
Are You Comfortable?
WarPorn by Em Jensen and Sean McLaughlin
WarPorn by Em Jensen and Sean McLaughlin

Are You Comfortable?is a performance and video event curated by Ava Mallett where artists respond to exactly that: comfortability. Be prepared for some graphic content and an existential crisis or two. The eclectic nature of this one-night-event promises to redefine comfort, art space, and . There will be food, drinks, fun, and some cool limited edition sticker packs if you get in the doors early enough!

BARBARISM is a multimedia project developed by Sarah Secunda and Rebecca Katherine Hirsch that produces visual art, time-based media and manifestos designed to expand the understanding and experience of individual multiplicities within absolutist social hierarchies. BARBARISM aims to challenge injustice through comedy, caricature and art-as-activism. Our works create new possibilities of being through the embodiment and performance of possibilities. By expanding the concept of ourselves through alternative representations of gender, we seek to expand the realities of identity, interdependence, power and desire.

Em Jensen is a Philadelphia based artist studying to get her BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History at Moore College of Art and Design. She works primarily in sculpture, installation, and audio/video based works. To see more of her work visit the following website:

Emily Musial operates a multimedia practice, her disciplines ranging from traditional methods of expression, such as drawing, painting, and printmaking, to contemporary methods, including full-scale digital projection, film, and digital photography. Born and raised in upstate New York, Emily takes a great deal of inspiration from her upbringing, her relationship with her family, and the scenery that surrounded her in her childhood, into her adolescence. Her most recent body of work refers to the frustrations of artmaking itself- the result is a performative video series expounding upon the tireless nature of being a creator and the difficulties that we as makers experience in working ideas, reworking, starting over, and sometimes abandoning altogether in our practices. Emily now lives and studies in the city of Philadelphia at Moore College of Art & Design, where she is pursuing a BFA in Photography & Digital Arts, and Fine Arts with a 2D/Print Media concentration.

Joe Netta

i work from the place between things >>>




absence – solid

between things are in flux – like whatever, continuous movement that at one


point or another should (usually) terminate.

definitions of categorical states of existence come and go, leaving the viewer to describe the material, process of manipulation or constructed situations i build in order derive meaning.

relational pairs

‘any minor world that breaks apart falls together again…’

like it always does

like it always does

like it always does

i want to see all things for what they are and what they could or will be – like whatever.

these descriptions come from duplication, re-enactments and tethering the real in another version of the real. the here and now, it IS what it ISsometimes. but it always IS somewhere.

just sometimes the viewer becomes what it IS.

just sometimes the objects allow the viewer to be what it


Katie O’Neill was born and raised in rural Cookstown, New Jersey. Today, she lives and works in Philadelphia, PA as a fine artist and art educator while continuing to pursue her Bachelors in Fine Art at Moore College of Art & Design.

Kelsey Skaroff, born in 1993, is an artist based in Philadelphia and Yardley, Pennsylvania. She recently earned her BFA in Painting/Drawing from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Initially creating 2D imagery and making lo-fi pop music, Kelsey now approaches her work in a more experimental manner, pursuing studies in sculpture, sound, and performance. She has received awards such as the Richard Cramer Color Award in Painting and the Temple University Study Abroad Scholarship for Rome in 2013. Kelsey has shown in a variety of spaces local to Philadelphia and Bucks County and has participated in shows internationally, including Rome, Italy’s Circolo degli Artisti and Krakow, Poland’s Bunkier Sztuki galleries.

Sammy Shuster is a social worker, musician, organizer and skeptic. She works with the Philadelphia Department of Health in Maternal, Child and Family health. You might find her performing as part of the audio-visual project, Blown Away ( or puppy-core band, The Foxy Doxies. (” target=”_blank”> She has organized and curated many art showss and is the mother of a beautiful baby boy.

Sean McLaughlin is a Philadelphia based artist studying Film at Tyler School of Art. His projects are typically centered on audio and video, but he is interested in exploring other mediums.

Shannon Jones moved to Philadelphia, PA in 2008, from her native state of Arizona. She is expected to earn a BFA in Fine Arts, with a minor in Art History from Moore College of Art and Design in May of 2016. Shannon Jones has competed in two collaborative sculpture competitions in Philadelphia. The first competition –Philly Puff- took place in 2015. Shannon’s team placed first in two categories- Best in Show and Best Use of Materials. Clayfest’s 2015 Group Sculpt competition was sponsored by the Clay Studio. In seven hours, Shannon and her two teammates completed a figurative sculpture using a half-ton of clay, and took third place.
In her solo work, Shannon uses the language of ritual to reach back into time, giving symbols of myth a contemporary context. While her past work was heavily focused on functional ceramics, she has since switched her attention to performance art, where her ceramics serve a very different function. Myths and rituals may not explain the workings of the world in the same way science does, but Shannon Jones finds that they offer their own valuable insights into the human psyche.

Shane Allan Smith graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Art from Asbury University, finishing this degree at the New York Center for Art and Media Studies. During this time, he interned with artist Kristin Baker and directly afterward, returned to his hometown of Wilmore, Kentucky. Shane has since earned his MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, PA. His work employs any conducive medium for a given project, and explores topics such as mental disorders, pop culture, the self, gender, and death, all shrouded in humor. He has been featured on the Brooklyn-based art site Hyperallergic and has exhibited his work throughout the country, most recently at the Giampietro gallery in New Haven, CT and the 33 Orchard gallery in New York, NY.

Are You Comfortable?
October 15, 2015 @ 7:00 pm
October 15, 2015 @ 10:00 pm
319 N 11th Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States