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Wednesday, May 9, 7PM
BoBB Hatt , Janet, Lateral Thinking, Jordan Deal and Unguent
Performance Art, Improvised Sound and Immersive Video Environments

Vox Populi Gallery presents an evening of Performance Art, Improvised Sound and Immersive Video Environments

  • Bobb Hatt (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Janet (St. Louis Missouri)
  • Lateral Thinking (Cinncinati, Ohio / Philadelphia, PA)
  • Jordan Deal
  • Unguent

Bobb Hatt is an experimental artist who has been active since 2006 in Columbus, OH. Drawing influence from free jazz, performance art, harsh noise, and power electronics, bobb has developed a sound that is abrasive, texturally complex, and very, very loud. This particular performance will be delivered in stereo with an alto saxophone filtered through an array of electronic pedals, utilizing beat frequencies, pitch modulation, layers of distortion, and various other manipulations via powerful amplifiers, with an animistic fascination for the sheer force the speakers can purvey.
Other current projects of theirs include Strep Torso, a guitar-based solo noise-doom project, Voice Cross, an industrial noise trio with members of Sword Heaven and The Smile Adventure, and Torgo, a no wave trio.

Janet : Performance/Movement from St.Louis, MO

Lateral Thinking (Columbus, Ohio/ Philadelphia, PA) makes live cinema: an experimental dialogue in which music and images respond to each other in real time. Using an “image score” of about 150 video loops drawn from a range of sources, including science fiction, avant-garde cinema, video games, educational films and animation. During the performance, projected video loops from this collection are sequenced, juxtaposed and recombined live. Dominated by these moving image fragments, the space becomes a media landscape in which different scenes and chronologies collide, overlap, and suggest a new narrative thread.

Jordan Deal’s interdisciplinary approach crosses between practices with a focus on sculpture, performance, sound, and video. Through interacting with sculptural objects both worn and placed throughout the space, he confronts the duality of pain and pleasure; challenging the role and interchangeability of the body in domesticated environments. His work currently explores the relationship that trauma has with the unconscious and examines their intersections with intimacy, sexuality, gender, race, and social relations. His use of sound and sculptural installation in his performances and photographs transform space into a world submerged in the grotesque and sublime; a world that is filled with characters and narratives derived from the unconscious’ impulsive fears and desires. In these spaces, Deal confronts notions of conformity, submission and resistance, mental health, and the trigger sensibilities of memory and nostalgia.

Unguent: Lance H. Simmons improvises representations of non-local intent on analogue modular synthesizer. Cassette releases on Bird-Friend, I Just Live Here, and his own imprint Refulgent Sepulchre.

This Event is Curated by Vox Populi Member Jim Strong who in addition to being a visual artist and improvising musician Organizes many Art, Sound and other hard to describe events in Philadelphia.

BoBB Hatt , Janet, Lateral Thinking, Jordan Deal, and Unguent
May 9, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
May 9, 2018 @ 11:55 pm