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Tuesday March 22nd, 8:00pm
Gentle Sheers 01

An evening of interdisciplinary performance and theater works curated by visual/sound artist and Vox partner, Jim Strong. Gentle Sheers is the latest moniker for his ongoing series promoting local/international performance in sound, poetry, dance, film and theater.


PPL (Esther Neff, Brian McCorkle, Kaia Gilje):

Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL) is unbounded by discipline or field, we collect ourselves around processes, theorizing social systems, ideological structures, modes of production, and epistemic genealogies via actions, relational constructs, images, noise, text, interactions, and objects. Past projects have included a durational diner, a silviculture museum, happenings, full-length operas, workshops, solo and duo actions, conferences, concerts, gallery exhibitions, and large-scale collaborative works of constructional institutional critique. Often focusing on conflicts between individualism and collectivity, PPL’s engagements have included residencies across from the NY Stock Exchange on Wall Street and at community colleges, settlement houses, squats, and in other spaces across social spheres. PPL is also the name of a studio performance space at 104 Meserole Street in Brooklyn, NY.

Joern Burmester and Florian Feigl:

Jörn J. Burmester (* 1962) is a performance artist, writer and organizer. He lives in Berlin and works throughout Europe. His practice includes group and solo performances, writing, artistic work and the testing of new presentation and reflection formats for performance art.

Florian lives and works in Berlin. Since 1997 he is devising Performance Art and performing both as solo artists and in various collaborations in Germany and throughout Europe. Besides the practice as performance artist Feigl lectures and publishes on Performance Art, teaches practical workshops in Performance Art and works as dramatic advisor in dance and theatre. Florian is host of Performer Stammtisch a monthly Performance Art event in Berlin and co-founder of the Month of Performance Art.

“Key interests in my artistic practice and research lie on work with process and time based character. Results of my practices often happen to be performance art pieces. But transitions are fluid. Fields such as curatorial practice, artistic practice as research, teaching and learning as performance art are equally valued and both resources and areas of my works.”

Valerie Keuhne (NYC):

Valerie Kuehne is a cross-pollinated work of chaos. Fusing together music, performance art, narrative, and experimental curation, she has been told that, “if this music thing doesn’t work out, she’d probably make an awesome cult leader.” (Boston Public Space).

After moving to New York to study Philosophy at The New School, Ms. Kuehne has systematically split her time between touring the planet, performing in as many unexpected settings as possible, and building a community for experimental music and performance art in New York. Her series, The Super Coda, is an experimental cabaret that has united electrifying performers 7 years running.

Ms. Kuehne’s work operates under principles of surprise, and investigates obsession, comedy, decay, forensic pathology, sex, hypnogogia, viscera, spirituality & death. She is one half of the duo Naked Roots Conducive, one third of the trio Prehistoric Horse, and a histrionic version of herself. She has worked as a resident artist/curator at Panoply Performance Laboratory, Spectrum, JACK, Small Beast and Ange Noir. Ms. Kuehne operates a blog of music reviews and performance philosophy ( and frequently releases albums that blur the line between comfort and discomfort ( Ms Kuehne has performed and helped curate many festivals, including bipaf, the brooklyn experimental song carnival, the mpa-b, the hitparaden international festtival for performance kunst, the experiMENTAL festival, Sonic Circuits, jazzPeru, and the Boise Creative & Experimental music festival, to name a few.

Ms. Kuehne is also the creator/curator of Trauma Salon, a monthly gathering of performers/musicians/artists as a platform for artists to collectively and individually process trauma or, if necessary, create it. She is an advocate for mental illness and addiction, incessantly seeking new ways to break down stigma and misconceptions about both.

Eileen Doyle (PHL):

Eileen is a multimedia artist, independent curator, and arts administrator living and working in Philadelphia. She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, she is a Masters candidate in Drexel University’s Arts Administration program. Between 2009 and 2013, she curated the Garbage World Performance Series with events and festivals in Chicago and Philadelphia. She has performed and shown work in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh.

Christina Gesualdi:

Originally from Bucks County and currently a resident of Fishtown, Christina has spent the last eight years galavanting around Philly, improvising all the way. A graduate from The University of the Arts, Christina now folds choreography, performance, movement education, and arts administration and advocacy into her artistic pursuits and curiosities. She has performed with Herebegin Dance, Annie Wilson, Pink Hair Affair, and PIMA Group, and has shown her own choreography in Philadelphia,New York, D.C., and Taiwan. A true supporter of D.I.Y collaborative initiatives, Chrstina is an Artist in Residence and the Marketing Coordinator at Mascher Space Co-op and production manager at thefidet space. Her passion for thoughtful and holistic movement studies has lead her to become a yoga instructor as well. Having studied dance in Germany, New York and North Carolina and tai chi and yoga in Taiwan, Christina is aching to travel some more and fill her creativity, body, and stomach with lovely ideas, images, and delicacies.

Gentle Sheers 01
March 22, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
March 22, 2016 @ 11:00 pm
$7 – $10
Vox Populi
319 N 11th Street, Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107 United States