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Monday, August 1st, 2022 | 7-10pm | $10-$20 (NOTAFLOF)
Anna Azizzy: Pretty Dog Pop Star & Unicorns in the Snow: Re-Enactments
Special Guests: The Moon Baby & Nina Ryser of Palberta

Anna Azizzy: Pretty Dog Pop Star & Unicorns in the Snow: Re-Enactments

Special Guests: The Moon Baby & Nina Ryser of Palberta
Monday, August 1, 2022 | 7-10pm | At Vox Populi
$10-$20 / NOTAFLOF

Anna Azzizy and Unicorns in the Snow (Julia Vering) are touring together with a duo of solo multimedia performances featuring interactive video projections, personal narrative, and the absurd. The evening will also feature performances by The Moon Baby and Nina Ryser of Palberta!

About The Line-Up

Anna Azizzy is a Pittsburgh-based performance artist and experimental musician premiering their new piece, “Pretty Dog Pop Star: A Day in the Life of a Beautiful Dog.” Thrash along with Pretty Dog as they do their best to uphold the four pillars of DBT: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation. Will they calm their rage? Or will Pretty Dog go down as a one high wonder? The piece is an homage to Pretty Dog, the star of many comics and illustrations made by Azizzy while in in/outpatient psychiatric care.
More Info: / @annaazizzy

Julia Vering is a Kansas City-based performance artist, clinical social worker, and expressive arts therapist. She will perform “Re-Enactments,” a multimedia performance art piece featuring adults with dementia as actors. Vering worked with the actors to come up with moments from our lives that could be “re-enacted” using a true crime TV show format – such as someone doing the dance to “Footloose” on their daughter’s bed to cheer them up. The psychedelic musical features Vering re-enacting events alongside the actors with dementia via video projection. Vering hopes to engage both the audience and collaborators in meaning-making and to inspire further collaborations with individuals with neurocognitive differences.
More Info: / @unicorns_inthesnow

Please note that Vox Populi is located on the third floor of a historic warehouse building at 319 N. 11th Street and that there are five steps leading from the street-level to the first-floor landing where the passenger elevator picks-up/drops-off. The entry into/out of the elevator is 29-inches wide, so may not accommodate all wheelchairs or motorized chairs. Any individual requiring a ramp to navigate this entryway is encouraged to get in touch with Vox Populi ahead of time to coordinate ramp-access and discuss accessibility details. Our ramps may not be suitable for all wheelchairs or motorized chairs, so we strongly encourage anyone requiring a ramp to be in touch at: or 215.238.1236

Covid Precautions: All visitors to Vox Populi are encouraged to wear a high-quality mask over their mouth and nose at all times while on-site, or when not actively consuming food or beverage.

August 1, 2022 @ 7:00 pm
August 1, 2022 @ 10:00 pm