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Saturday, January 26 at 6PM
Seeds - Performed by Gabrielle Richardson
Sage Adams Blackbox Curatorial Fellowship
Seeds Performed by Gabrielle Richardson, Curated by Sage Adams
Seeds Performed by Gabrielle Richardson, Curated by Sage Adams

Sage Adams is an artist, activist, writer, curator, they curate with the Art Hoe Collective and they are our Black Box Fellow.

Over the summer and fall they have been traveling and doing research. They have been asking these questions “What is visibility? What is representation? How much of a person’s inside do we see on the outside? What is a complex identity? How has society limited identity?”

This winter the Black Box will be the site for Sage’s research to actualize, with two months of installations, workshops, and performances entitled “Me, Myself, and I”. It opens on December 13, with an artist talk at 3:00pm and a reception following, ending with a closing reception and performance by Gabrielle Richardson on January 26. Between these receptions there will be four workshops, curated along with the Art Hoe Collective.

In fall 2013, Black Box began hosting a series of five curatorial fellowships that continued over the course of 2 years. The fellowship program provided dedicated time to leading curatorial voices in contemporary art for critical exploration within emerging and experimental time-based practices. Each fellow spent two months pursuing research, writing, and scholarship followed by a two month period of programming a unique performance series, including performance art, dance, public programs, and screenings. The program fostered the exchange of fresh cultural ideas within the rapidly evolving fields of time-based and performing arts in Philadelphia.

In keeping with its collective institutional model, Vox Populi called on its members to nominate and appoint the first two Curatorial Fellows. The subsequent Fellowships were identified through a national open call for proposals that were reviewed and decided upon by the members of the Black Box Committee.

Wednesday 12/13/17 – 3PM Artist talk – 6PM Opening Reception

Sunday 12/23/17 and 12/27/17 –  5PM Zine workshops facilitated by Kari Drame

Saturday 1/6/18- 5PM Arts Not Parts workshop facilitated by Gray (rugratsinparis on Instagram)

Tuesday 1/16/18 and Saturday 1/20/18 – 5PM Art Hoe Collective workshops

Friday 1/26/18 – 6PM Closing reception and performance by Gabrielle Richardson

Sage Adams is an emerging curator and serial collaborator who is engaged in internet-based practices that push the boundaries of the Black Box Fellowship, fulfilling Vox’s commitment to new and experimental works. They will manifest these works in Black Box, making present what may otherwise be intangible. Sage explicitly seeks to work with young and queer people of color, and situates their work between the internet and the geographical spaces of LA, Philadelphia, and NY. In bridging artists and works between broad geographies, they reflect the dispersed practices of the internet, and collecting them at Vox Populi, will incite fresh thinking and dialog on these practices.

“SEEDS” – Performed by Gabrielle Richardson
January 26, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
January 26, 2018 @ 8:00 pm