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Saturday, May 22, 2021 | 4pm - 6pm | Around the Neighborhood!
Soundwalk and Artist Talk
Soundwalk by Raúl Romero, Joined by Stephanie Powell, Blanche Brown & Cristina Keiffer for Artist Talk

Soundwalk & Artist Talk

Saturday, May 22, 2021
4pm: Soundwalk with Raúl Romero begins outside Vox Populi (319 N. 11th Street)
5pm: Artist Talk featuring Romero, Stephanie Powell, Blanche Brown & Cristina Keiffer on The Rail Park
Free to Join! No Registration Required!

Join us at 4pm for a soundwalk led by artist Raúl Romero. The sound walk starts outside of Vox Populi at 319 N 11th St. We will walk the neighborhood taking time to practice deep listening.

Raúl’s installation at Vox Populi, Onomonopoetics of a Puerto Rican Landscape, highlights the sounds of the Eleutherodactylus coquí, a frog endemic to Puerto Rico named by the Tainos. Coquí is an onomatopoeia for the resounding call the frog makes.

At 5pm, the soundwalk will culminate on The Rail Park, where guests can view and hear Raúl’s solar-powered tricycle soundstation, which emits the sounds of the coquí. At that time, an Artist Talk and Q&A will begin, featuring Raúl, Stephanie Powell, and Blanche Brown & Cristina Keiffer – all artists whose exhibitions close at Vox Populi the very next day, Sunday, May 23rd.

This program is entirely outdoors – so bring sunscreen, water, and wear comfortable shoes!

Many thanks to The Rail Park for supporting this event!

A Sound Walk is…
a listening exercise that helps us become aware
of our immediate acoustic environment.
It is also about the aesthetic pleasures of listening.
Listening to sounds we might otherwise have missed;
listening to the rhythm of sounds;
listening for the unique ‘voice’ of a city.
It’s about enjoying the sensual beauty and sheer surprise
of sound… – Hildegard Westerkamp

Soundwalk and Artist Talk
May 22, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
May 22, 2021 @ 6:00 pm