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Saturday, October 8, 2022 | 7-10pm | 5-20$ suggested NOTAFLOF | At Vox
World World
Presented by Vitche-Boul Ra, Tongue, Strawberry Hands

World World

Presented by Vitche-Boul Ra, Tongue, Strawberry Hands
Saturday, October 8, 2022 | 7-10pm | At Vox
5-20$ suggested NOTAFLOF
Proceeds after paying artists go to the black trans travel fund

World World is a sequence of three performances curated by Tongue.

Strawberry Hands aka Jacob Brunner will open with a song cycle about ambiguous loss, personhood, obesity, and the laws of nature.

Tongue follows with the debut of Egg of Heaven, an immersive performance with video and hefty sounds by New Angel aka Hazel McGrath. Egg of Heaven is an emergent story about the annunciation of a new world narrated and directed by Mudwig the Love Goblin. Clumsy angels made from plants open a portal to heaven, and a song of love and longing brings a cycle into fruition.

Last, Vitche-Boul Ra is going for a Run. An intersection of Black vocal excess and beautified physical effort as a means of generating a ward, a boundary– one both internally incubative and externally acidic.

Participating Artists

It could be a birthday card from your mother played through a vocal synth. It could be a folk song about schizophrenic displacement. It could be a lapsed anthropologist rapping about kinky habits. It could be a big fat guy in a moon mask beating a synth with a drumstick. It could be a big fat guy in a duck mask playing a keyboard with his face. It could be uncreative writing about depraved monks’ lust for enlightenment. It could be a set derailed by technical difficulties but saved by a manic rant about LeBron James. It could be your polymorphously perverse dad of appetites. It could be a psychedelic colloquium with your four-year-old self. It could be Strawberry Hands.
More info: / @strawberry_hands @peace_isnt_luck

Tongue: the instrument of expression and the animal itself. Tongue members AD and AL will be joined by Pony and Nick Moncy for the performance. Tongue works within the fantasies and mysterious patterns of living systems, with an eye for horror, abjection, and the sacred.

Vitche-Boul Ra utilizes live and digital theatrical approaches to explore and expand ideas of Blackness, Agency, Hierarchy and Pleasure. Ra allows performativity to be a vehicle through which it can access not only a personal sense of self-sovereignty and self-actualization, but also one that can act as a bowl of info to be passed to other bodies opposing oppression. Enacting Black sound and Black flesh and Black object-ing, Performance making becomes a tool to aid in the continual strategization towards survival and futuring and world building. Primarily performing inside of “the solo”, a question becomes, “how can an individual manifest the ‘I’ in ways that lead to the ideals of an alternative ‘we’?”
More info: / @VitcheBoulRa

Please note that Vox Populi is located on the third floor of a historic warehouse building at 319 N. 11th Street and that there are five steps leading from the street-level to the first-floor landing where the passenger elevator picks-up/drops-off. The entry into/out of the elevator is 29-inches wide, so may not accommodate all wheelchairs or motorized chairs. Any individual requiring a ramp to navigate this entryway is encouraged to get in touch with Vox Populi ahead of time to coordinate ramp-access and discuss accessibility details. Our ramps may not be suitable for all wheelchairs or motorized chairs, so we strongly encourage anyone requiring a ramp to be in touch at: or 215.238.1236

Covid Precautions: All visitors to Vox Populi are encouraged to wear a high-quality mask over their mouth and nose at all times while on-site, or when not actively consuming food or beverage.

World World
October 8, 2022 @ 7:00 pm
October 8, 2022 @ 10:00 pm