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$99 Sale Exhibition
featuring over 100 different pieces of artwork by local and national artists
Friday, November 4, 2022 - Sunday, December 18, 2022

$99 Sale Exhibition

Featuring over 100 artists
Friday, November 4, 2022 – Sunday, December 18, 2022
Presented in Vox’s Common Space Areas

About the Exhibition

Vox Populi’s first ever $99 Sale Exhibition:

The $99 Sale Exhibition and fundraiser features over 100 different pieces of artwork by local and national artists. All artworks are the same size and same price with names revealed only after purchase. This exhibition is designed to be respectful of artists’ time and resources, while working to change what it means to be a collector and supporter of the arts.

For over thirty years, Vox Populi has provided space and resources to hundreds of local and national artists through our exhibitions, performances, and other events. Vox is run by a collective of volunteer member artists, who work tirelessly with our Executive Director to program and operate our space. All of the money raised through this exhibition will be poured right back into tangible efforts to support and showcase the Philadelphia arts community: from artist honorariums and programming costs, to maintenance and facilities, to our monthly First Friday events.

This exhibition was inspired by the former Soap Factory gallery in Minneapolis.

Contributing Artists

Aaron Terry
Anda Dubinskis
Andy Kahan
Angela McQuillan
Anna Guarneri
Anne Schaefer
Ashley Limes
Ben Rodrigo
Bianca Jarvis
Billy Dufala
Blaise Tobia
Blinky Comix
Brent Wahl
Brian George
Brian Szeto
Brittney Ortega
Bruce Pollock
Carmel Dor
Chad States
Chalet Comellas
Carol Tashjian
Chelsey Luster
Chris Davison
Christina Freeman
Cindy Stockton Moore
Clint Sleeper
Clint Takeda
Daisy Diamond
DeJeonge Reese
Derek Ayres
Devan Spear
Dino Pelliccia
Emmanuela Soria Ruiz
Ephraim Russel
Erin Murray
Fanni Somogyi
Florian Francis
Gene Holt
George Rodriguez
Greyory Blake
Henry Gepfer
Holly Hazell
Jackie Tileston
Jacob Lunderby
Jaime Alvarez
James Britt
Jean Wong
Jen Blazina
Jesse Larkspur
Jim Johnson
Jim Strong
Josie Lewis Tayal
Julia Staples
Julianna (Jules) Foster
Kate Stewart
Kate Testa
Katie Delaney
Katie Rauth
Keith Greiman
Kim Altomare
Kirby Mckenzie
Lane Speidel
Lars Leetaru
Lauren Thorson
Lea Devon Sorrentino
Leah Bailis
Lewis Colburn
Linda Frank
Loraine Wible
Lorin Klien
Lucia Alber
Maia Chao
Makeba Rainey
Maria Dumlao
Mark Stockton
Mat Tomezsko
Matt Higgins
Matt Suib+Nadia Hironaka
Meghan Cox
Micah Zurer
Michael Konrad
Miguel Horn
Miriam Singer
Natalie Hijinx
Natalie Kahn
Natalie Kuenzi
Netta Sadovsky
Paul Castellana
Philippa Beardsley
Ricardo Zapata
Robert J. Algeo
Robert Zurer
Roopa Vasudevan
Sam Johnson
Samantha Simpson
Sarah KE
Sarah Steinwachs
Sharon Koelblinger
Shelly Rabuse
Shwarga Bhattacharjee
Sophy Chang
Stefan Abrams
Stephanie Bursese
Stuart Rome
Susan Dipronio
Talia Greene
Tedd Prontnicki
Terrell Johnson
Theresa Rose
Tim Portlock
Violet Hutchings
Virginia Maksymowicz
Yetunde Peters
Zach Hill