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Emily Rooney
All Alone
October 7 - 30, 2011

Emily Rooney‘s new work, All Alone, an assortment of video, sculptural, and photographic work, examines the depressive and artistic inheritance passed from Brian to Carnie Wilson. The often tenebrous relationship between father and daughter will be alluded to, using an array of sounds, signs, and symbols. The room will act as recording studio-turned-oddity-museum-part music video, part trophy case. Like the work shack behind an abandoned beach house, this series, in part, reflects the detritus of Wilson’s life-from his younger glory days, to his drug use, mental illness, parental abandon, and hermetic behavior. As an answer to Brian’s cult of personality, and the continuing glorification of reckless abandon, a second series of works, using Carnie Wilson as a symbol, attempt to demystify the societal constructs that continue to favor male empowerment, and leave wakes of internalized sexism and misogyny that pass from generation to generation.

Rooney holds an MFA in Photography from Tyler School of Art.