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Lucia Oceguera
Black/White and Everything in Between
February 1 - 24, 2013

Lucia Oceguera works with the obvious, choosing a word, material, or object and playing with the common significance and uses of it.

Contradiction comes as an intention to clear the path, allowing new meanings and purposes for words and objects. Abstraction and disassociation serve as a facilitator among the doomed, to find a possibility. In order to accomplish a point of illumination, where things seem to work “right,” Oceguera dives into her own impressions about binomial relationships between Light and Dark, Good and Bad, Right and Wrong, to make this concepts reveal something to each other.

Attributing objects with poetic human-like qualities, she persuades viewers to draw one step closer to a possible scenario where they can defy their own prejudgments and expectations. Each work acts as its own stage. Black and White are used as a literal way to exemplify “The Different” as an integration, a union of “The Same,” two contrasting elements that depend on the meaning of the other to define themselves, as well as the encounter with light in its different manifestations.

Oceguera believes in the space that exists in between, like the one occupied by the slash between quotients: a place where doubts have a chance to be cleared up, a utopia that is not as unreachable as it seems. Each piece of art is the formal evidence of the decisions she makes, how she composes them (or not), giving the visual representation of the constellation of her thoughts, where existential matters are pondered and clarified, where there is a hope for light amongst the dark.

Lucia Oceguera is a visual artist from Culiacán, Mexico (born 1983) based between Brooklyn and Mexico City. After completing a BD in Communications and working in audiovisual production, she graduated with honors from Pratt Institute´s MFA program with a concentration in New Forms. Her works, that mostly have to do with contemplating and materializing existential matters, often vary in their medium and form. The final outcome of an idea is strictly determined by her own physical and technical skills and lacks. The resulting objects are then a visual representation of the feasibility of her own intentions. Her work has been exhibited in several group shows in Mexico and New York. This is her first solo show.