Collective Visioning
Facilitated by Maddie Hewitt
On View Friday, April 16, 2021 - Sunday, May 23, 2021

Collective Visioning
Facilitated by Maddie Hewitt
Friday, April 16, 2021 – Sunday, May 23, 2021
Presented in Gallery Two
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Collective Visioning is both a process and a space to share resources and ideas, develop stronger relationships, participate in workshops and skill-shares, and ideate collaborations as part of a process that leads to a related project in the new Commons Space at Vox Populi. Starting in April, members of the Vox Populi collective will initiate this undertaking with an ecologically-focused process to design and construct “The Dream Machine,” an indoor hydroponic medicinal herb garden that is watered by a solar-powered irrigation system, which pumps collected and purified stormwater as part of the Future Ecologies exhibition opening in Fall 2021.

Influenced by the ethos and interdisciplinary approach of Black Mountain College – where Buckminster Fuller built his first geodesic dome in 1957 – the Collective Visioning studio space is meant to offer an experience that welcomes utopian thinking and hands-on experimentation. In the studio space is a large cloud table on wheels with cushioned seating, a moving bookshelf, a natural soundscape, a set of planetary mood boards with prompts for active engagement, along with other modular elements. With special emphasis placed on sustainability and intersectional environmentalism, the Vox Populi collective will draw inspiration from weather systems, celestial cycles, farm work, and clean energy.

The project aims to reorient our relationship to nature, institutions as well as our collective and personal well-being. Through “visioning” as a collective, we hope to recover a sense of purpose and concrete possibility after experiencing the shared wounds of 2020.

Maddie Hewitt is a dreamer who addresses social issues in her work through abstraction and play. She primarily uses video, performance, sculpture, and sound to produce creative research projects, often involving collaboration. Collectivism, and the interconnectedness of humans and environmental systems drives her investigation. Her work also alludes to the traditional association of women with care-taking of the body and of our living spaces.
More Info: maddiehewitt.com / @maddiehewitt