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Becky Suss
October 7 - 30, 2011

Becky Suss makes paintings and drawings of landscapes in her new exhibition Drawings. The works synthesize actual, remembered, photographed, and idealized versions of specific places. Most recently she has been exploring murals in Philadelphia that introduce distorted and imagined images into the landscapes that they inhabit. This is the artist’s first show of drawings, and the sumi ink works vary in size and depict coast, forest, and city.

Becky Suss was born in Philadelphia where she currently lives and works. She holds a BA from Williams College and an MFA from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a current member of Vox Populi and a former member of Space 1026. Recent exhibition venues include Baer Ridgway Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Berkeley Art Museum (Berkeley, CA), WORK Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), and Little Berlin (Philadelphia).