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Linda Yun
I'll Follow You...
April 5 - 28, 2013

Linda Yun’s studio practice addresses perception and experience, memory and the re-presentation of familiar moments she finds compelling. Typically installation-based, the objects, images, or experiences she offers often impact each viewer, whether creating a record of a new experience or revisiting an old memory buried deep within. Yun is constantly under the spell of introspection, drawn to the physical and visual triggers of such moments of reflection, whether occurring purposefully within a gallery or naturally throughout her daily life. Her body of work aims to impart new triggers in modest ways, providing and adding to the catalog of memories for each viewer to dwell and mine that elusive, private space inside.

Yun’s next show with Vox Populi, I’ll Follow You… questions the pervasiveness of images as a so-called source of knowledge and understanding, and questions the value of experience, whether real or patently false. Comprised of sculpture, photography, and installation, her new offerings at Vox will retain her unique sensibility and her love for the ephemeral.