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Lane Speidel: I am a threshold, a place designed for a purpose.
Open through Sunday, December 15th

Lane Speidel: I am a threshold, a place designed for a purpose.

Friday, November 1, 2019 – Sunday, December 15, 2019
Presented in Gallery Four

Images by Nuna Ulises


This is the strongest I have ever been

The wound is closed but death is Infinite

I feel touched all day by unseen things.

I am a threshold
I am a doorway
The hole in me is just a path
I am not good, I am not bad
and I hear voices
talk to me
And I see things that others can’t see
I am a doorway to spiritual realms
I am at times vibrating off my many directioned hinges
I won’t prove it to you just as I won’t disprove it to myself
I have to trust myself
You have to trust myself
At times my edges are disintegrating
At times I have no edges at all
I am nothing just/but/and void
I am just coming into my power
I am just beginning to see myself
I understand now that I will never understand
One truth is nothing
There are many simultaneous concurrent truths
Each singing each with the face of a flower sparkling singing and calling
Each little throat a dewy tonsil upon which rests a universe
You will know so much more when you start to listen.

Some questions at the beginning of this work:
If I can understand/imagine myself in many parts communicating
can I imagine/understand the world that way too?
Can I let my skin become thin safely? Slough it off entirely to feel
pore to pore with other realities?

Somethings fall right through
I am going through
I am listening





Nov 1: Opening and Book Release
Vox Populi, Gallery 4
6-10pm | Free to Attend

A work of sculptures, music, and literature will be opening Nov. 1 at Vox Populi. Notes from a Threshold/Advice from a Doorway is the title of a book that will be available to be read for the first time that night. There will be a limited number of copies available for sale.

Nov 22: Saggy Bday Show
Vox Populi, Black Box
7:30-11 | $5-10 sliding scale (no one turned away for lack of funds)

It is Saggy’s birthday and Lane’s birthday so now we celebrate! Saggy an improvised automatic punk pop rock group comprising sometimes of Lane Speidel, Jim Strong, Billy Ray Boyer, and Elliott Rosenfeld is turning 1 and Lane is turning 28! Please join for an sweet and spicy show with Saggy, Eppchez Yes! and additional sonic acts TBA. The money from the door will be split between the artists and Black and Pink, an organization whose mission is to abolish the criminal punishment system and to liberate LGBTQIA2S+ people and people living with HIV who are affected by that system through advocacy, support, and organizing. To learn more: https://www.blackandpink.org/

Dec 6: One Day I Hope Someone Will Love Me, a play
Vox Populi, Gallery 4
Starting at 8pm, requested donation $5-20 with no one turned away for lack of funds, all money will go to the actors.

A love story and a tragedy taking place within the selves, in all time or at least most time, on most days. Most characters did not give their permission to be depicted nor are aware of their choices or roles in this play.

Following are the roles and their actors.
Self/Self – Malachi Lily/Eppchez Yes
Parent/Child – Leigh Marques/Blueberry (a cat)
Death/Desire – Nuna Ulises/Phoebe Finch
Grief/Pain – Mal Cherifi/Billy Ray Boyer
Ghost – Marion Horowitz
Hole/Whole – Jensen Huff
Lane – Lane Speidel

All prospective attendees should note that there will be a cat in this play. As this is a mischievous cat, once the play starts exits and entrances of the audience is not recommended. When thinking about whether or not to see this play please consider these content warnings: mention of suicide and suicidality, as well as descriptions of depression, and discussion of death.


Lane Speidel is an artist, curator, preschool teacher, member of Vox Populi, graduate of Tyler School of Art, Scorpio, and a trans non-binary queer. Their works consist of writing, sculpture, fibers, music, and movement.

I just decided that I love myself, I didn’t think that I would live this long, I am just coming into my power, I am trying to live in awe of myself.

More Info: ihopeilikethis.com