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Little Windows
The Annual $99 Exhibition
Friday, November 3, 2023 - Sunday, December 17, 2023

Little Windows: The Annual $99 Exhibition

Featuring over 100 artists!

Special Preview Event: Thursday, November 2nd 6-8pm
Opening Reception: Friday, November 3, 2023| 6-9pm | Free-To-Attend
On view Friday, November 3, 2023 – Sunday, December 17, 2023
Presented in Galleries 2 and 3

Little Windows exhibition and fundraiser features over 100 different pieces of artwork by local and national artists. All artworks are the same size and same price with names revealed only after purchase. This exhibition is designed to be respectful of artists’ time and resources, while working to change what it means to be a collector and supporter of the arts.

For over thirty years, Vox Populi has provided space and resources to hundreds of local and national artists through our exhibitions, performances, and other events. Vox is run by a collective of volunteer member artists, who work tirelessly with our Executive Director to program and operate our space. All of the money raised through this exhibition will be poured right back into tangible efforts to support and showcase the Philadelphia arts community: from artist honorariums and programming costs, to maintenance and facilities, to our monthly First Friday events.


Aaron Terry
Adrienne Goulette
Alana H
Amanda Etemad
Amira Barnes
Anais Livadas
Anda Dubinskis
Angela McQuillan
Anna DeCaria
Art School Scammer
Austin Mayer
Barbara Hionides
Bianca Jarvis
Bre Scott
Bridget A. Purcell
Carmel Dor
Carolyn Chernoff
Catching on Thieves
Cayla Lockwood
Chenxi Shao
Chris Bell
Christine Blair
Clint Takeda
Connie Yu
Cristhian Varela
Dana O’Malley
Dave Tavacol
Dino Pelliccia
Ebs Sanders
Eleanor Barba
Elicia Epstein
Emily Potts
Emmanuel Wisdxm
Emmanuela Soria Ruiz
Erica Siegel
Erin Murray
Erin Obszarny
Eugenio Salas
Evan Greensweig
Francesca Lally
George Dixon
Gloria Rohlfs
Greyory Blake
Haley Moore
Heather Bowlan
Heather Thurston
Henry Gepfer
J. Jonathan Wallace
Jacob C. Hammes
Jacob Lunderby
Jacob Stevens
James Anthony Mariano
Jane Fentress
Jas Stefanski
Jean Wong
Jesse Larkspur
Jessie Renew
Jill Adler
Jim Johnson
John D. Paul
Jonah Belsky
Jonathan Evans
josh graupera
Josie Lewis Tayal
Joy Lai
Julia Haines
Julia Staples
Julianna Foster
Kathryn Beavers
Katie Rauth
KC Miller
Keith Greiman
Keshida Layone
Kim Altomare
Krista Dedrick-Lai
KT Pe Benito
Lane Speidel
Lars Leetaru
Lauren Fiasconaro
Lauren Thorson
Levi Bentley
Loraine Wible
Loretta Violante
Lorin Klien
Lucia Alber
Luna Wroblewski
M Slater
Madeline Veira
Makeba Rainey
Marcella Marsella
Mareshet Johnson
Maria Dumlao
Mark Stockton
Mat Tomezsko
Meghan Cox
Micah Danges
Micah Zurer
Midori Rainford
Min Baek
Mina Zarfsaz
Morgan Thomas Shankweller
Natalie Kuenzi
Netta Sadovsky
Noelani O’Hare
Olive Froman
Olivia Guarnieri
Oscar Soto
Otis Carb
Parker Phelps
Phoebe Helander
Pomona Za
Race Kuhn
Rachel Maitre
Robert J. Algeo
Robert Zurer
Roopa Vasudevan
Ryan O’Laughlin
Samuel R. Johnson
Sarah KE
Shaina Nyman
shay rutkowski
Shea Retherford
Skyler DePietro-Norbury
Sophie Najjar
Stephanie Bursese
Stuart Rome
tina furr
Wren Verga
Zach Hill
Zane Schultz