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Marginal Utility
presents David Dempewolf
November 1 - December 1, 2013

In conjunction with CITYWIDE Philadelphia, Vox Populi presents visual effigy 2008-2013, a selection of videos by David Dempewolf of Marginal Utility.

Since 2008 David Dempewolf has been producing videos that simulate perceived stereoscopic vision and mental imagery. These videos portray daydreams, sheets of memory, and moments of reverie.

Through a stuttering investigation of phenomenology, the poetry of Paul Celan and the inherited legacy of American experimental film, Dempewolf has been attempting to force the moving image to mimic the processes of thought.

These investigations will be presented in three video reels.

01. 01-08 November 2013
-Monk’s Mood (collaboration with Jason Moran) 2008
-Kitchen 2010
-Fünf Stücke für Sopran-Blockflöte und Schlagzeug: Cantabile, mit Sopran- und Alt- Xylophon, Musik für Kinder III Nr. 17/3 2012
-Connectigui (collaboration with DAS: Ronnie Bass & Gandalf Gavan)

02. 09-15 November 2013
-A thread to my/your stomach 2008
-1970/2008 (collaboration with Howard Huang)

03. 16-14 November 2013
-Marguerite Duras/Alain Resnais (0.65, 0.85, 1.0 fps) 2008
-Exclusive bonus materials 2008