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Jamie Dillon
My B====D Fell Off Reine Des Coeurs?
May 4 - 27, 2012

Jamie Dillon presents My B====D Fell Off Reine Des Coeurs?.

“My mind became speedily divested of any fears I might have indulged in, as to the want of preparation of our entertainer. The table was covered with all the appanage of handsome plate and cut glass, while the side-tables glittered with a magnificent dessert, and two large vats that would have tempted an anchorite. I remember very little else of that evening than the coup d’oeil I have mentioned; besides, were my memory more retentive, I might scruple to treswine-coolers presented an array of champagne necks shining with their leaden crapass farther on my reader’s patience, by the detail of those pleasures, which, like love-letters, however agreeable to the parties immediately concerned, are very unedifying to all others. I do remember, certainly, that good stories and capital songs succeeded each other with a rapidity only to be equalled by the popping of corks; and have also a very vague and indistinct recollection of a dance round the table, evidently to finish a chorus, but which, it appears, finished me too, for I saw no more that night.”

Jamie Dillon est un artiste et une vie idiote à Philadelphie. D’autres détails de sa vie ne sont pas pertinents à l’exposition.