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PLM Associates
Parallax View
September 7 - 30, 2012

Working in a multidisciplinary practice that includes graphic design, drawing, video, and installation, artists Anita Allyn & Mauro Zamora probe the dark side of international business practices with Parallax View. Posing as PLM Associates, Allyn & Zamora’s fictional private contracting firm provides end-capital solutions for wealthy individuals, multi-national corporations and governments.

Using the office table as a visual connection to historic timetables along with marketing material (posters and commercials) and relevant corporate documents, PLM’s boardroom serves as a defunct stage. Allyn and Zamora offer the boardroom as the locus of abstraction; where campaigns, schemes, meetings and covert planning take place.

Through this project the artists aim to reflect corporate rhetoric and values to call attention to the impermeable facade of the capitalist structure while highlighting a rupture of capitalism itself.

Of special note on September 23 at 2pm, PLM Associates will host a performance by Ina Polis: PLMA’s Davenport Predator Material Transfer Agreement. Followed by a discussion with Mary Ebeling, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Drexel University.