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Lucia Alber, Clarissa Caponera, MacKenzie Clark, Katie Rauth
August 5 - 21 2016 | special summer show: open weekends only
MacKenzie Clark, video still, 2016
MacKenzie Clark, video still, 2016

Philadelphia, PA – Vox Populi is pleased to announce PLAYDATE, on view from Friday, August 5th through Sunday August 21st, 2016.

Following a year of professional collaboration as interns at Vox Populi, four emerging Philadelphia-based artists, Lucia Alber, Clarissa Caponera, Mackenzie Clark and Katie Rauth join forces in their artistic practice. For PLAYDATE, each artist has been placed in two distinct pairings, with one pairing on display in each of four galleries. Designed to tease out unexpected points of confluence, this exhibition also challenges its artists to maintain their individual identity within collaboration. Lucia Alber explores fetish culture and other forms of female power play. She utilizes a variety of materials to create soft sculptures, evocative of our own fleshy human casings. Rooted in portraiture, Clarissa Caponera’s work considers social media as a key site for both identity production and the manipulation of public opinion. MacKenzie Clark examines human connectivity and alienation in the age of internet-focused culture,drawing a removed affection for the strangers of society, as well as an absurd sense of physical experience triggered by social media. By embracing the appropriative stereotypes of drag culture as a source of comfort rather than exploitation, Katie Rauth addresses the marginalization of a high femme identity within the queer community, and hopes, in the process, to establish power and strength in her own femininity.