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Barry Doupé
May 6 - 29, 2011
Barry Doupé, Ponytail, 2008, video, 92 minutes

This feature-length video follows several inflicted characters and recounts the ways in which they find resolve. A series of entropic scenarios held together by an attraction to failure and its spectacle describe the characters’ malfunction – their inability to fulfill personal desire. Compelled by the consequences and rewards of their attempts they question their own trajectory. Using elements of melodrama, performative monologue and traditional narrative structure Ponytail presents a unique society of characters that destroy the distinction between memory and invention.

Barry Doupé (b. 1982 Victoria, BC) is a filmmaker living in Vancouver. He holds a Bachelor of Media Arts Degree from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design (2004). He is also a member of The Lions collaborative drawing group, Jarry and Crazy Weapon. His films have been screened throughout Canada and Internationally including the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Lyon Contemporary Art Museum, Pleasure Dome and the Tate Modern.

Curated by Kevin McGarry