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Piper Brett
Psychic Punctum
October 5 - 28, 2012

Psychic Punctum is a group of works by Piper Brett, which investigate a personal narrative and the notions of wasted time, sexual anxiety and stagnation.

“Punctum,” the concept developed by philosopher/photographer Roland Barthes in his book, Camera Lucida, defines the potentially ‘piercing’ or ‘wounding’ qualities a photograph can hold for the viewer. Punctum is the lasting effect the image has on one’s psyche, which isn’t necessarily visual; it’s an emotional agitation that sticks in the mind.

Psychic Punctum describes Brett’s reflexive process of assigning meaning to images, and expands this notion to include objects. These images/objects, from her life, have been chosen because of their piercing effect, they disclose personal information and chronicle her past.

“…Since I have determined to be guided by the consciousness of my feelings.”
–Roland Barthes