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Rachel Debuque
Mango Sherbet
December 5 - 28

Photo: Mango Swirl

Mango Sherbet spans a variety of influences including the aesthetic considerations of the American southwest, birthday celebrations, and Filipino food. These sources meld together to create a spatial identity that is both in accord with logic and divorced from it. This organizational limbo extends to the objects in the space, which hang in the middle of what is the familiar and alien. Formally, the entire room ungulates between two and three dimensions. It forces the eye to reconsider the difference between perceived and physical space.

Rachel Debuque is a Washington D.C. based artist. Her work subverts domestic space through installation, sculpture, video, painting, and performance.

She received her MFA degree at The University of Georgia and her BFA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is currently an Assistant Professor and Foundations Coordinator at George Mason University, where she teaches Three Dimensional Design and Sculpture courses.

She has studied and exhibited extensively including, Poland, New York, Taiwan, Croatia, and Seattle. Recently, she was a resident artist at the internationally recognized Bemis Center for Contemporary Art.