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Shanina Dionna: Embryo IX
Re-Opening for Weekends in September
On view 2-6pm, Saturdays + Sundays, thru Sat., Sept. 26

Shanina Dionna: Embryo IX

Original Opening: March 6, 2020
Closed For COVID-19: March 11, 2020
Re-Opened: September 12, 2020
Closed: September 26, 2020


An annual art testimonial by Shanina Dionna, Embryo helps encourage honest dialogue, civic engagement and solution-based art modalities concerning mental health and wellness. The visual and performing arts (acrylic portraits, improv and movement, live music performance, an intentional playlist and botanical therapy contributions) help communicate relief efforts on the stigma and taboo plaguing our communities.

Since 2011, the Embryo exhibition series has chronicled the life of Shanina Dionna, a millennial of color, as she exposes and learns from her own mental health and wellness journey. This work is an offering to her community, an invitation to her extended “safe space” and an opportunity to address personal behavioral health issues. Guests are educated on the state of mental and behavioral health via partnerships with local wellness communities, including a growing relationship with the Department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual disAbility Services of Philadelphia, PA.

Part one of Embryo IX will be celebrated with a live, multi-disciplinary performance event at Vox Populi on Saturday, March 7, 2020, from 6-9pm. Part two of this celebration will occur at The Barnes Foundation on Sunday, April 5, 2020 from 1-4pm.


Shanina Dionna is an award-nominated visual and performing artist, mental health advocate, non-profit youth arts teacher and an expressive arts therapy student based in greater Philadelphia. Since 2011, her Embryo art exhibition series has helped build a platform raising awareness to mental health; currently supported in-part by DBHIDS (the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services). In 2016, she helped found the non-profit Art Buds Philly, currently housed at the Urban Art Gallery in West Philadelphia. In 2018, Shanina Dionna became one of 20 artists worldwide to receive The Dean Collection 20 grant presented by Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. Her social change intent encourages a revolution in how our world perceives and responds to mental, emotional and behavioral discord and wellness – providing intention-based art activations within her annual exhibitions as part of a creative solution.
More Info: shaninadionna.com