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Vox Populi New Members
Spark Gap
May 3 - June 2, 2013

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Spark Gap is an exhibition of new and recent sculpture, photography, drawing, film, installation, and performance by Vox Populi’s new members taking place both in the gallery and at AUX Performance Space. Collaboratively curated with Vox Populi’s executive director Andrew Suggs, Spark Gap invites viewers to participate in fresh artistic conversations with the 25-year old collective.

Motivating all of Vox Populi’s new members is the desire to be part of a structured, critical community of creative peers: a place of respite from the stresses of competing for limited art world resources and space to expand their practices into new territories. Already immersed in the opportunities and challenges of membership, new members have curated at Vox and AUX; presented Pecha Kucha-style about their work; participated in collaborative decision-making; manned the bar at openings; and cleaned up at the end of the night.

In electronics, “spark gap” refers to that magical meeting place in which bursts of powerful energy—sound, light, and heat—appear. Each artistic dialog holds the potential for such a spark.

Maria Dumlao | Leigh Van Duzer | Bobby Gonzales | William Haughery | Beth Heinly
Becky Huff Hunter | Jay Muhlin | Erin Murray | Catherine Pancake | Erica Prince | Chloe Reison
Alexander Rosenberg | Ben Will